Revolutionary Light Therapy

Therapeutic & Relaxation

Improve your quality of life and whole-body wellness with our clinically proven, highly effective LED light therapy sessions. It’s non-invasive, safe for all ages and all skin types, painless, no need for needles or drugs, no scarring and has zero side effects.

Polychromatic LED light therapy is scientifically engineered for powerful results. Achieve pain relief and increased circulation connected with a wide

range of acute and chronic symptoms or pamper yourself

with our Age-Defying Luminous skincare sessions or a relaxation session today.

Therapeutic Session

30 or 60 minutes















Relaxation Session 

30 or 60 minutes














Age-Defying Session

40 minutes.  

Turn back the clock and discover the new you with LED light therapy, the #1 skincare endorsement by Therapists around the world. Come and experience smoother, more youthful looking skin enhanced with that vibrant, healthy glow today.


* Minimizes wrinkles * Diminishes age spots * Firms your hands

* Increases collagen * Radiates glowing skin * Tightens skin

* Improves skin tone *Reduces eye puffiness * Promotes even color

* Antioxidant protection for your skin




Come experience the benefits of Polychromatic Light Therapy which penetrates the epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous layers of the skin, releasing nitric oxide molecules from hemoglobin, relaxing the blood vessels and thereby, increasing local circulation.


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Premium Package

Back of Hands

Neck Area

Upper Arms

Under Chin

Upper chest