Can I bring my 6-year-old son in for a session?

Yes, you can. All of our Light Therapy sessions are safe for males & females of all ages.


What is the difference between red, blue and infrared?

Each color has its own wavelength, and each wavelength has its own traits.

The red ultimately stimulates circulation, while the blue features antibacterial characteristics and the infrared allows for deeper penetration supporting ligaments, tendons, muscles and bones.


Are the Age-Defying sessions safe for darker complexions?

Yes, the Age-Defying Luminous Skin sessions are absolutely safe for all skin types.

There are no needles, no pain, no side-effects, no scarring and no surgeries, it is 100% completely safe.


Can the lights burn me – how hot do the pads get?

This light system is a Class #2 Medical Device that the FDA has cleared for utmost safety. The lights get cozy warm, the temperature ranging from 31–51 o C.


Do you offer any mobile services?

Yes, we do, please contact us to book your mobile session today and we will bring the Light to you.


How long do the effects last after having a therapeutic session?

As each body is unique respectively having various symptoms & challenges, sustainability differs for each individual.


Where can I get additional information and my questions answered regarding Polychromatic Light Therapy?

Every Tuesday evening Jody Mittiga hosts a “Talk About Light” call with PLT users from around the world, educating us and welcoming all to ask questions and get answers.

Jody also features a “Talk About Light” audio library, which is accessible 24-7.

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