Revolutionary Light Therapy’s ultimate goal is to educate and encourage clients to become actively involved with their personal health, while providing a clean and safe environment which promotes, supports and enhances body and mind wellness.

NEW non-invasive alternative approach that supports the body, so the body can naturally mend itself. Our Low Level Polychromatic (2 or more colors) LED Light Therapy, is backed with cutting-edge technology pioneered by NASA and combined with state-of-the-art equipment. It is a Class #2 medical device that is cleared by the FDA for safety and supporting the body with:

Increased circulation

* more oxygen & nutrient delivery to cells and nerves

* less pain

* decreased swelling

* minimized scar tissue

* increased skin elasticity

* supports cellular repair

* aids in fighting infection…

Decreased pain

* management of chronic & acute pain

* greater range of motion

* better quality of sleep

* decreased inflammation

* decreased arthritic symptoms

* reduced mental & emotional stress….

Relieving muscle spasms

* greater mobility

* improved sleep

* better mental clarity

* increased physical activity

* heightened strength

* enhanced stamina…

Relieving stiffness

* decreased soreness

* wider range of motion

* more energy

* improved balance

* increased flexibility

* greater strength…

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